Majoni Starfender Fender

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Majoni (Netherlands) Starfender is a double ended fender for horizontal or vertical use.  As with all inflatable Majoni fenders and buoys it is made in a strong and flexible UV resistant marine grade vinyl and has a unique brass valve for easy inflation with either compressed air from a compressor using a flat head against the valve and not a pin which may damage the valve.  The recommended pressure is 0.2 bar (2.9 psi) which allows you to give a little visible pressure to the fender with your flat hand.  Majoni fenders are very easily maintained by washing in hot soapy water or with any professional fender cleaner.

Majoni fenders unique brass valve for easy inflation and deflation.  With the majoni adaptor you can inflate your fender easy with a bicycle or car tire pump.  It is not necessary to use an adapter.  With enough air pressure, with something like a compressor, the valve will open and the fender will inflate.  To replace a valve use a bolt M3 and pull it out with a pair of tongs.

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