Forespar 93 Series Double Port (Top Straight Barb) Y Valve With Thru-Hull

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Forespar Marelon Integrated Plumbing System valves come with a matched thru-hull, both of which use a buttress thread form that is very strong for synthetics.  When these complete systems are ordered with either flush or mushroom non-screened thru-hulls the valves come with a cap in the handle that has a loop.  This cap is an emergency thru-hull plug in case the valve must be disassembled to clear debris or be replaced completely WITHOUT HAVING TO HAUL THE BOAT.

If you want to use a Marelon valve with an existing bronze or stainless steel thru-hull, we can (with prior notice) supply the valves with either the NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical) or BSP (British Standard Pipe) threads that typically are used with bronze or stainless steel thru-hulls.

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